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31 mars 2007 6 31 /03 /mars /2007 07:37

Sister Marie-Simon-Pierre  ( Mary-Simon-Peter ), born in Cambrai - Northern France -  from a 6 children Catholic family, was 17 when Pope John Paul was elected.

" He was in a way my Pope, the Pope of our generation. When he died, I felt as if I had lost a friend. "

                        Chapel of Sainte Félicité clinic


In 2001 she was diagnosed with Parkinson' s disease, she hardly could write and suffered a lot. She was ravaged by the disease week after week. It worsened after Pope John Paul II' s death in April, 2,  2005. They both suffered the same disease.

Her cure came on one night of June 2, 2005 after the Sisters of her fellow Nuns Congregation ( Petites Soeurs des Maternités Catholiques = Little Sisters of Catholic Maternity Wards, founded in 1930 ) had been praying to John Paul II.



She feels " totally transformed. "

It is " for the Church to say and to recognize wether it is a miracle. "





The Sister works as a nurse in Sainte-Félicité hospital, owned by the Congregation,  in Paris. The Congregation is situated in Puyricard, diocese of Aix-en-Provence near Marseilles ( South of France ) and owns also maternity hospitals in Senegal.

Mgr Slawomir Oder, the Polish prelate spearheading the Pope John Paul II ' s beatification cause, said Bishop Feidt from Aix would announce more details during Palm Sunday. 

Dozen of miracles have been also testified in this case, but only sudden, complete, permanent recoveries, with no scientific explaination can be taken into account. Thousands and thousands of graces received from John Paul II intercession arrived in Rome.



Link :  http://maternites-catholiques.cef.fr


Maternité Sainte-Félicité, 37 rue Saint-Lambert 75015 Paris.

L' Etoile, Maternité catholique de Provence, 13540 Puyricard.

Clinique Saint Vincent de Paul, 98 boulevard de la Libération, 38300 Bourgoin-Jallieu.



The Congregation was founded in Grenoble ( France ) by Mother Mary John Baptist ( Mère Marie-Jean-Baptiste ) née Marie-Louise Lantelme, the daughter of a wealthy industrialist.

After his wife gave birth to a disabled son,  Mr Louis Lantelme noticed that the female workers in his factory endured mockeries and even threats from their families when they were discovered pregnant.

Marie-Louise wanted to be a nun, but her father told her in 1920 to study in order to become a midwife, because he had the intention to build a maternity hospital to secure and help young mothers. So she did and worked during eight years in a maternity clinic in Le Creusot.

In 1928 Marie-Louise was preparing to be a Salesian missionary to India, and she was worried because her father was about to build the hospital. What her vocation would be ? She came to ask advice to Bishop Caillot ( from Grenoble ) who answered : Go and collaborate to your father' s project, I will take care of your vocation. The Bishop himself was deeply concerned by the new evil trends : eugenism, abortion, birth control, hedonism, etc...

In 1930 the first maternity hospital was built in Jallieu near Grenoble   " to defend human life from the very conception, to magnify the beauty of love, marriage and family. " it was blessed by Bp Caillot.

In september 1932 Father Guerry ( future Bishop of Cambrai ) was in charge of the newly founded Congregation which was warmly welcomed by Pope Pius XI. 

The Congregation was officially approved by the diocese in 1954 and by Rome in 1982.

Alleluia !


Lien en français sur le récit de Soeur Marie-Simon-Pierre :   http://www.evangelium-vitae.org

Témoignage paru dans l' Evangile de la Vie numéro 58 du 15 août 2006.


Ajout du 2 mai 2011:


C'est une grande joie pour l'Eglise de savoir que le miracle opéré sur cette humble soeur a été retenu parmi 270 autres pour la béatification de Jean-Paul II, le 1er mai 2011, le dimanche de la Miséricorde divine. Elle a porté la relique de celui qui souffrit de la même maladie qu'elle. Alléluia, alléluia, alléluia !


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MARIE HELENE 12/09/2009 15:07

SHALOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMque la paix de dieu soit sur vous.tres cher maman. c'est avec un plaisir immense que nous avons decouvert votre blog. raison pour laquelle moi et mon association vous laisse un mail important. a lire au fait nous sommes une ong dans le but de secourir les temples de dieu de l'Afrique et subvenir aux des orphelins et deminus. mais nous  ne disposons pas d'un moyen efficace pour pouvoir satisfaire nos membres.il y'a mainetant une semaine nous alles dans un village ou tous les temples de dieu sont en detresse. meme l'endroit ou se passe la cellule de priere est innodé par faute de moyen.nous avons toute ces images cher maman.si vous recevez notre commentaire veillez nous donner une adresse fixe pour que nous puissions vous joindre afin de vous faire part de toutes les preuves. avec jesus nous ferons des exploits merveilleuxSHALOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM