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30 décembre 2007 7 30 /12 /décembre /2007 17:57
In 2008, the world will focus on China and the Olympic Games, so I thought it could be good to remember the extraordinary adventures of our missionaries in China, especially from the middle of the 19th Century untill 1949.
Here are a choice of churches built by them. Let' s pray for the divided Catholic Church in China today.

The first stone of the Cathedral of Canton ( Guangzhou ) was blessed in 1863 by the French-born bishop Mgr Guillemin. The Cathedral was ended in 1873 on the model of St. Clotilde's Basilica in Paris. Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie made a gift of 500 000 Fr. The Sacred-Heart Cathedral is 30m large, 66m long.

Ordination of Chinese priests in the Sacred-Heart Cathedral of Canton, 1910.
From the Archives of the Société des Missions Etrangères de Paris.

The Cathedral is now owned by the Patriotic Church, created by the communist authorities.

St. Joseph's Church in Peking ( Beijing ) was built by the French missionaries between 1880 and 1884 and was blessed by Mgr Delaplace. The main altar was given by the French chargé Mr de Sémallé. The Church was damaged by the Boxers in 1900 and renovated in 1905. It is also called the Eastern Church ( Dong Tang ) and is now owned by the Patriotic Church. It measures 70m long and 20m large.

Credits :
Picture N° 3 ( St. Joseph ) from the book  " Péking ", Mgr Favier, published by the Lazarists of Tei-pang in 1897.
Picture N° 1 ( Sacred-Heart ) from the Archives of the Société des Missions Etrangères de Paris ( France ). 

The French-Canadian Missions were also very active in China. To learn more about them read :


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