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2 décembre 2007 7 02 /12 /décembre /2007 18:50
Bazas is a charming little town, situated near Bordeaux. 

A church was built in the 5th Century which was destroyed during the Norman invasions in 853. In 1070 a Romanesque cathedral was built by bishop Raymond II and consecrated in 1095 by Pope Urban II, after the council of Clermont, on his way to Toulouse where he preached the First Crusade. The new cathedral was ruined in 1198 by the English troops and rebuilt in Gothic style in 1233.

 Unfortunately the cathedral dedicated to St. John the Baptist was devastated by the Huguenots in 1561, 1577 and 1578. Most of the statues disappeared and the nave was partially destroyed.
In 1583, Arnaud de Pontac, bishop of Bazas, repaired the ruins and it was fully restored in 1635.

66 bishops had been governing the diocese of Bazas since the 5th Century untill the revolution. The cathedral suffered again during the revolution. It was sacked and its statues where mutilated. The cathedral was closed. The last bishop Amédée-Grégoire de Saint-Sauveur died in 1792 confessing the true Catholic Faith against the Civil Constitution of the Clergy.

The diocese was administrated by blessed Guillaume-Joseph Chaminade ( 1761-1850 ), future founder of the Marianists, and given to the diocese of Bordeaux in 1802. 

                  Stained-glass window of St. Peter

The cathedral is 83m long and 20m high and has no transept.

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