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  •   le blog ut-pupillam-oculi par : Eric
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13 octobre 2007 6 13 /10 /octobre /2007 00:31
This exquisite church, designed by Pierre Michel du Plessis and  Fr Fontaine, was built between 1684 and 1707. It was the chapel of a Dominican convent and was named after Saint Dominique. After the Concordat, and the expulsion of the friars, it was renamed Notre-Dame, when it became a parish.



Its single barrel-vaulted nave highlights the elegance of the balustrade and wrought ironwork in the chancel.
It is usual to consider it as having a wordly charm, and François Mauriac asserted that it was a " harmonious and moderate church, warm in winter, a place to which those who succeed in establishing for themselves a life on earth that provides all the creature comforts, come to ensure that eternity will give them as much pleasure..."  


                                St. Paul


          Our Lady offering the Rosary to St. Dominic


 Virgin Chapel

Between 1712 and 1741 Friar André, op, who died at 91 y.o. was the interior designer. He was a talented painter.
The main altar ( 1751-1759 ) was designed by Jean-Baptiste Péru


 In this church the funerals of Catholic MP Albert de Mun were celebrated in October 1914

Many paintings, sculptures, and frescoes inside the church are just splendid !

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Matthieu 13/10/2007 18:12

Je te remercie Eric de ton passage sur mon Blog. Je me permets de te mettre en lien dans ma liste des sites recommandés.